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Deployment issue & question

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Has anyone else run into an issue when selecting the "Continue to OS" option for what to be done if no option is selected, that this does not go through to the OS. 

I am able to get the system to automatically go into any of the other options, such as "Start deploying the following template" for user-initiated deployment or the automatically start options " Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Agent", "Acronis System Report" , but the "Continue to OS" and "Start operating system" options will never time out properly and choose them. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this, or if the setup is not configured properly.

I tested it on both pre-imaged and blank systems.


Another question I had was about the event-driven Deployments. Was trying to figure out if these run continuously or are they ran once and then have to be set to start again. We wanted to give some of our techs the option to restart their dev systems before going to lunch or at the end of the day to bring their systems back to the image if needed, but I haven't found the perfect combo of configuration to get that in place.


Thanks to anyone who responds

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Acronis Support
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Dear Nick Bufalo,
In order to help you we would recommend to contact our support: Customer Service and Support (