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How to Debug: Acronis Remote Agent Service (Fails to start)

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How to debug the Acronis Snap Deploy Remote Agent Service when it fails to start?


The log file is ambiguously empty.


About to break out PSTools / ProcMon / ProcessExplorer and see what he's unhappy about.


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We just had this exact same problem! It's now fixed with the help of Level 2 support. In our case, we found when Console opens it won't connect to the OS Deploy Server. We noticed, the Remote Agent service wasn't running.

Look in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\DeployServer\Database for the Database file. In our case it was size 0. It shouldn't be. Something was preventing access for it to be populated. The following fixed it for us.

  • Snap Deploy console must be closed
  • Disable the firewall and antivirus (You may want to do it out of hours.)
  • Start the Remote Agent service manually. It started now. Refresh a few times to make sure it's still running and didn't stop again
  • Now open the console. The console connects to OS Deploy Server successfully. In our case, the Database file was now 144K.
  • We re-enabled firewall and antivirus

We verified the service continues to start OK by manually stopping and starting it a few times. NOTE: Console must be closed when you stop the service. Trying to stop the service while Console was opened causes things to hang.

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I also noticed that I'm able to re-create the problem consistently by changing the IP address of the SnapDeploy server.  And/or adding a second NIC (or Virtual NIC) to the host, for example.

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Hello everyone!

From the pictures attached the error code is generic, this would require further investigation because several factors can cause the issue.

If you're experiencing an issue with the Acronis Snap Deploy Remote Agent Service where the log file is empty, there are a couple of steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check for dependencies: Ensure that all the dependencies required by the Remote Agent Service are installed and configured correctly.

  2. Use ProcMon or ProcessExplorer: As you mentioned, you can use tools like ProcMon or ProcessExplorer to monitor the service's activity and see if there are any issues or errors during startup ( ).

  3. Check if the local Anti-virus or firewall are blocking the service ( As suggested above you can disable the A.virus and check if it's possible to run manually the service and if yes, exclude the executable there could help to solve the issue )

  4. Make sure the IP addresses are open and whitelisted ( please take a look on the part that says: Acronis Snap Deploy uses the following IP Addresses ).

I would recommend that you contact our support team with the logs generated during the troubleshooting process. They will be able to provide further assistance and help you resolve the issue. You can contact support via this link:

Thank you and I hope this helps!