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Moving from MS Deployment Toolkit - Unattended installs, driver packs and application installs

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We're currently using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to deploy our "golden image" to 21 Windows 10 PCs. (And across a total of 4 different PC models). Advantages of MDT I'm trying to determine if it's supported in Snap Deploy (or if there's another recommended way around it)

  1. Unattended installs (MDT uses autounattend.xml files)
    •  Assigning the workstation name
    • Joining the workstation to a domain
  2.  Driver packs
    • MDT supports PC model specific folders. Each folder contains the drivers for that PC model. At deployment time, MDT queries the PC model and deploys the drivers from that model's driver folder.
  3. Application deployment 
    • MDT supports application deployment after the image is installed but we keep it simple here. Most applications are already contained in the golden image deployed. However, there a handful of simple apps that can be installed from the command line we find convenient to deploy after the image is installed.

Thanks for any help / info you can provide about your product

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