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Problem with PC listing in the administrative console Acronis Snap Deploy 6

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I have a new episode of strange things with Acronis Snap Deploy: I can install the agent without problems on the client PCs, however only one position is listed. After a few minutes I see that the IP and MAC of another PC that already has the agent installed changes.

For example: I can see the MAC PC1:12-45-78-51-45-58 with the IP After 2 minutes it changes to the MAC of PC2: 45-r7-ff-4t-1d-78 with the IP (Same position).

It's strange because the first time it worked without problems. I could see the list of each machine and do my deploy. However, my hard drive crashed and I had to reinstall Acronis. Then I observed that situation of the list with the machines. Now I only see one line and every few minutes the PC info PC change.



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Dear Abdel Diaz,

In order to help you we need to collect additional information.
Did the position of the machine change in the list?
Did MAС address and IP address of the machine change?
According to the screenshot the last machine in the list changed but it is not clear did the previous machine disappear or just moved in the list?