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Snap Deploy 6 creating new PXE Winpe image

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I recently downloaded the Snap Deploy 6 to see if it would help with some issues we were having.  When I am creating a new Winpe PXE boot image, on the drivers screen when I click to add it only allows me to add one driver at a time?  Is there a way it can upload multiple drivers in a folder or something instead of manually clicking each one separately?

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It has been a while since I have needed to create a Winpe boot disk but if I remember correctly, just add the driver files you want to a folder and then choose that entire folder when you inject the drivers during the winpe drive creation. It should list all of the drivers it found.

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Also, where did you download Snap Deploy 6? I cannot seem to find a link.

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Hello Jason,

you can either request a free trial version from the website (click on Try now) or download the installation file from your personal account at if you have licenses of Acronis Snap Deploy 6 registered under your account. If you have purchased licenses of Acronis Snap Deploy 6, but they are not registered to your account, please send me the order details in a private message and I'll help.