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Unable to delete old deployment tasks

Thread needs solution
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I'm wanting to delete old deployment tasks after migrating our Snap Deploy 6 deployment server to a new VM, however the delete button is greyed out when I select them. I transferred the Acronis folder from Programdata as described in the migration kb article as part of the migration.

I've deleted the relevant files in the below locations:


And also run the task zap command in schedmgr but the old tasks still remain with the greyed out delete button.

I can create new tasks and the delete button is available for these.

Can anyone offer any additional help with this issue?

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Acronis Support
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Dear Tom Hensby,
Thank you for reaching out. In order to help you we will contact our Snap Deploy engineers and be back to you as soon as possible.

Acronis Support
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Dear Tom Hensby
Our support engineer suggests the following: 

In the Snap Delpoy, the task lists are located in the database, and to transfer them to the new server, the database must be copied. And in the configs folder, the templates are located. As for the dead button - if you don't need the old task lists and want to delete them, you can delete the database (by stopping Acronis Remote Agent Service), the server will recreate it automatically and it will be empty. If old task lists are needed - you need to find out why the button is stuck - collect the procmon while starting Acronis Remote Agent Service, launching the console and going to the Deployment Tasks tab. Take screenshots of the permissions of the database file for the user who is logged into the system. Collect the sysinfo from the server. Screenshots of the problem. 
Of course, deleting the base won't answer the question of why the button is stuck, but it may solve your problem with the removal of the Tasks.