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Acronis not show all computers in "computers near me"

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I using Acronis snap deploy 4 and want to create image of whole system which must be saved on file server (only file server have enough space). File server is reachable on network.
Problem is that when I set NIC card, access "computers near me" I go inside the domain, I can see only some of the servers, not all of them. For example I see all old hopping stations, but no new hopping stations. Both (old and new) are in domain, both have same location in active directory and all are visible from Windows "computers on network". I even set sharing, but it have no affect.
I think that maybe version of the operating system is related to this, because all old servers have windows 2003 or older, while all not visible servers have windows 2008 R2.

Can you please help.
Screenshot is attached (in black is list of visible servers from Windows and same list from Acronis; in red are missing servers).


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Hello, Tomas

Yes, that's right, versions of operating system might be related to the issue. Please contact our Support team to get this issue resolved.

Best regards.