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Acronis Server - 2 NICs PXE Issue

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For Acronis Snap Deploy 4, I have a server with 2 NICs. Until today, I've been using NIC1 with no deployment issues. My goal is to utilize a switch on the second NIC to separate the traffic from the rest of the network. I have DHCP running on this server, however PXE booting does not seem to be working, giving me a no boot file error message.

As an attempted work-around I added the option for boot file name for bootwiz.bin. After this I get a time-out error.

Wireshark does see TFTP requests from the client but the server does not respond.
Looking at netstat, I see that TFTP port 69 is bound specifically to the IP address of my first NIC. I tried copying the bootwiz.bin file to a 3rd party TFTP server and direct DHCP to that, but I get an error message "Download bootwiz.cfg".

Is there any way for me to either allow the PXE/TFTP server to bind to my second interface, or use a 3rd party TFTP server to fix this issue that I'm having?

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Unfortunately, this issue cannot be resolved without additional technical information and testing on a similar environment.

To get this issue resolved, please contact our Support team.

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