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Bootable ISO blank

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I’m attempting to create an Acronis boot disc but seem to have an issue.  I’m selecting options which should create an image of 601mb however, an iso of 408mb is created.  The iso is also appear blank when viewed.


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Hello Torrance,

As I understand you try to create a bootable media, but the .iso file created seems to be small.

I will be glad to help you!

Unfortunately you didn't indicate the product that you use for media creation. I will give you the links for the last version of Acronis true Image 2016. If you use another product or version, you can find the documentation here

First of all, please pay attention to this procedure of iso creating After creation of iso file you have to burn it to cd or dvd disc.

You also have a possibility to download the .iso file from your account if the product is registered. 

I recommend you to try to create a bootable media on USB flash drive. If it works, I advise you to pay your attention to the third party software that you use for burning an .iso file.

When a bootable media created, use this article to Arrange boot order in BIOS


Again, for anyone experiencing this problem, I recommend contacting our support to get this resolved.