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Can not create an image back up. Getting Dynamic Disk Error

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I am trying to backup a new computer. The disk type listed on the computer is basic in the computer managment. I am getting the following error.


E000202F4 Acronis Master Image Creator has detected unsupported hard disk drives. Acronis Master Image Creator does not support Windows Dynamic Disks, EZ-Drives etc.


I am not sure why I am getting this error when the hard drive format is basic. I have also tried True Image 2011, it hangs up and does not do anything after i select to create a Master Image. Goes to a blank Screen.

Please advice.

Jagdeep Singh.

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Just tried with Acrnois True Image 2016, it is stuck after selecting image creator, been like that for over 10 minutes.

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Can you screenshot the disk management view of the system you are trying to image and post for reference?  Also, what type of system are you imaging.  There were a couple of recent posts with people using ASUS motherboards that had a built in cache ssd and the default configuration is using RAID with the Cache SSD and another drive which is essentially a dynamic setup as well.  ON both of those instances, the users had to break the raid, disable the caching drive and sent to a standard SSD to avoid this limitation and also benefied with the sperformance of using a standard SSD for the OS.