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Configuring Windows 7 Default Profile for Image Creation

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I'm in the process of testing Snap Deploy 4 before we purchase the product. I've built a new reference Windows 7 Professional PC, installed software on it, and made a bunch of changes and customizations. These include adding IE favorites and start page, desktop icons, background color, etc. I did all of this with my own login credentials, which have local admin privileges.

I then created standalone boot media, and created a master image of that PC. When I deploy that image to a new PC after booting from the boot media and loading the image from a flash drive, any new user account profile does not include all of the changes I made before capturing the image.

How do I get users on the new system to inherit the profile settings that I made before I captured the master image? Without such a method, it would cause a lot of extra work when building each system.

If you could be as detailed as possible, and provide links as necessary, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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Dear Beachbum,

How do you build the favorites? in accounts?
you got a website? or can you explain that to me?
I would like to know how you can build in user. verschiillende homepages
and even the desktop background to all users should automatically come, but they can change it later.

I like to hear you.