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Incorrect Drive Letters Assignment in Offline Master Image and Unable to Transfer Files

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The letter drive assignment is a known issue, see KB 47152:

However, it is also causing issues when I try to transfer files after the image deployment. When I set up the taks to transfer the files, I have to transfer it to drive letter D. However, when the computer is reimaged, drive D becomes drive C and it doesn't transfer the files. No error is presented, the files just simply are not transferred. And I cannot transfer the files to a location that does not exist on the master image.

Are there any workarounds to this issue other than those listed in the KB article? It doesn't look like this was fixed in Acronis Snap Deploy 5 either, not that I have approval to purchase the newer version. The drive letter mapping is currently only causing issues for me on the transfer of files.



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Please clarify what kind of Bootable media do you use to create an image: WinPE or Linux-based? If Linux-based, you can try to use WinPE. If WinPE, then try to use Linux-based.

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