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Problem authenticating with Snap Deploy 4 Master Image Creator

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I'm using Acronis Snap Deploy 4, Build 540 with Windows 8.1 on both the client and the server. I'm trying to create a new master image. I'm able to connect to my computer where I want to store the image, I'm able to authenticate to the computer, but when I attempt to browse to the directory where I want to store the image, it asks me to authenticate again. When I enter the correct username and password, authentication fails. I even tried sharing the target directory with the Everyone group with full control, but still had the same problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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As far as I understood, the correct credentials are not accepted while browsing a network location. That is a known issue that is already fixed.
Please, upgrade Snap Deploy 4 b540 to Snap Deploy 5 (latest build).

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