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PXE boot configuration file not found / Keine Konfigurationsdatei gefunden

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I´m using Snap Deploy 3 Build 3501, because we started to segment our network with vlan I had to change the DHCP Server Paramerters.

(DHCP Windows 2008 R2)
I set
Option 066 to the PXE Servers IP
Option 067 to bootwiz.sys

When I boot a client I get an DHCP Adress from the right subnet (vlan) and on the screen:

Acronis Loader is started
Download bootwiz.cfg...

Acronis Loader: no configuration file found
Press Enter to reboot

Because it´s a german installtion I get:
Acronis Loader wird gestartet ...
Download bootwiz.cfg...

Acronis Loader: Keine Konfigurationsdatei gefunden.
Zum Neustarten Enter drücken...

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Hello Loki,

as far as I see you had a support case regarding this issue which was closed due to lack of response from your side.

Please gather the requested information (the list you'll find in email from 18.02.2014) and contact our support again so that we can resume an investigation.

Thank you.