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Snap Deploy 3, Domain, naming and Universal Deploy options not available

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I've not used Acronis much recently and only now have the opportunity to use Universal Deploy. Something we bought but never needed until now.

Since the last time I installed Acronis there was never an option to set Domains and naming schemes when deploying. This didn't bother me, but now I see it's in amongst the options where Universal Deploy options are kept.

I try to create a new template but get no such options at all.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Windows 2008
Acronis Snap Deploy 3.0.3501
PXE Server, License Server, Deploy Server, Deploy Management Agent, Wake-On-Lan Proxy

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Hello Stuart,

sorry for the delayed answer.

Windows Server 2008 is supported only by server versions of Acronis Snap Deploy 3. As far as I see under your account you are using a workstation version.

That is why the operating system in your image wasn't recognized and as a result Acronis Universal Restore option wasn't suggested.

Thank you.