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Unable to save image to network location

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Hi Everyone,

I am very new to Snap Deploy and seem to be having problems from the start.
I originally installed V540 management console to my Win2008R2 server, and the V540 agent on a windows 7 workstation. I attempted to create an online image only to find that I was unable to connect to the windows 7 workstation. At the advice of the live support people I have now upgraded the management console and agent to V582.
I can now connect to the windows 7 computer and try to create an online image. Things go fine, I can connect to the windows 7 workstation, provide credentials, select the disk I want to create the image from, but when I select the destination for the image I only see the local drives of the Windows 7 computer, when I click on Computers Near Me > Microsoft Windows Network no devices are listed.
I was expecting to see the server which is running the Management Console to be listed here so that I could select a share and deposit the image there.

Any idea why I cannot see the servers shares as a destination for the image?
I have ensured that netbios is enabled on the server and workstations network interface and I have disabled the firewalls but still no success..