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Acronis Storage 2.4 U1 is available

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Dear Acronis Community,

this is to let you know that Acronis Storage 2.4 U1 is available.

This update brings security improvements and bugfixes.

Issues fixed in this update (#113):

Backup Gateway

· [VSTOR-11436, VSTOR-9899, VSTOR-9719] Bug fixes and improvements in communication between Backup Gateway and Data Cloud, backup agents, and external object storages.

Performance and data balancing

· [VSTOR-10144] Improved performance of clusters with SSD cache under extremely high load.

· [VSTOR-9973, VSTOR-10892, VSTOR-12305] Improved algorithms for space allocation and balancing when adding nodes/disks to cluster.

· [VSTOR-9406] Improved I/O latency on all-SSD clusters.


· [VSTOR-12495, VSTOR-10978] Bug fixes in the SPLA licensing registration procedure and space usage reporting.


· [VSTOR-10540] More precise calculation of physical space on Storage cluster overview in web control panel.

· [VSTOR-9792] A false positive warning could be issued about network interfaces missing important features.

· [VSTOR-9784, VSTOR-9785, VSTOR-9690, VSTOR-9689] The current product version is now displayed in the updates section of web control panel.

· [VSTOR-11214, VSTOR-10605, VSTOR-10584, VSTOR-9595] UI and usability improvements.


· [VSTOR-10432] Republished Azure solution template to avoid metadata creation on ephemeral disks.

Full Release notes:

Downloads page:

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Please be aware of Acronis Storage 2.4 U1.1 hotfix

Build #3262, published 06 Aug 2018

Fixed issue:

  • [VSTOR-13181] MDS could fail during update from 2.4 to 2.4 Update 1 in some cases.

Updated release notes are here.

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Hello Everyone,

a new hotfix Acronis Storage 2.4 U1.2 was released on 8/24/2018.

Build #3266

Fixed issues:

  • [VSTOR-13682] Creation of Acronis Backup Gateway over NFS fails with error "Failure domain is not set".
  • [VSTOR-13516] Creation of network bonds could fail in some cases.

Updated release notes are here