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Connecting Synology NAS to Acronis Storage? Possible?

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I am trying to connect a Synology NAS to my Acronis Storage in order to serve as my main store pool. I have gone over the documentation but I can't find anything relating to this. The reason behind all this, is that I need to backup a large amount of computers and I need a storage pool of at least 60TB or more.


Is this possible? Or is there any other way I can achieve this more efficiently?


Any help or guidance will be appreciated.




Mauris A.

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Support Engineer
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Hello Mauris,

Acronis Backup Gateway as a service of Acronis Storage can deal with NAS if a NAS supports NFS. This NFS share can be used as a backend for ABGW (Acronis Backup Gateway). The procedure of connecting NFS share during ABGW creation is described in our documentation:

I hope it will help