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How to use different mount point other than /mnt/vstorage ?

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For the storage server Acronis uses /mnt/vstorage but what if there is a server with large drives attached to it and mounted like /backup or /home? How can we have Acronis use /backup or /home instead of /mnt/vstorage?

I install the backup agent using 

bash <(curl -s

You can check the file to see how it configures the storage on the backup server.

Sometimes backup servers are created with the small root of say 50G-100G and the large storage of 2TB drives or large LVM of 10TB are mounted on /home or /backup - we need to be able to use that to store the data not the default path. How to do this with Acronis?





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No worries. I figured it out which is just as well as no one answered :)

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Hello HostXNow,

 glad to hear that the problem is solved! Would you mind sharing the solution with the community so that other users with the same question can benefit?