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Acronis 2015 and lenovo T470P- NVMe SSD drie

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can you still make a bootable ISO/USB drive for a Lenovo T470P with a NvME stick drive?

I  can make a bootable USB drive but it doesn't see the Hard Drive.  Are there some options or drivers  I should include on my Acronis WinPE  USB drive?




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Art, welcome to these User Forums.

As far as I am aware, ATIH 2015 Rescue Media has no driver support for your NvME SSD drive so you would need to inject these yourself into your WinPE USB Rescue Media.

For older products such as ATIH 2015 you need to follow the advice given in forum topic: Guide to Add Drivers to WinPE Recovery Media (from the Best Practices forum).

For ATIH 2016 and later, the MVP's have produced a script which can inject the necessary drivers in to the WinPE media (see the MVP User Tools and Tutorials link in the right column or at the top of the forum page - depending on your browser width).

Note: support for NvME drives was added in the later builds for 2016 and included in 2017.

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Thanks for your help I was able to inject the drivers for the Samsung 960 NVMe SSD, with one difference.

I had to download the Samsung_NVM_Express_Driver. Then install it on the target computer and look for a new inf.

I couldn't get it to work by looking in device manager > Storage Controllers> then checking the properties for each one.   (But my boot.wim file does have the two inf's, I didn't bother removing them.)