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ATI 2015 Backup-Dateien lassen sich nicht aus dem Explorer heraus öffnen

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Ich benutze Windows 7 (64 bit) und ATI 2015. Seit kurzer Zeit lassen sich die Backups nicht mehr im Explorer öffnen.

Ich habe bereits versucht, ATI neu zu laden - kein Erfolg. Was kann ich noch probieren? Danke!


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ATI 2015 Backup files can not be opened from the Explorer

I use Windows 7 (64 bit) and ATI 2015. Since a short time the backups can not be opened in Explorer.

I have already tried to reload ATI - no success. What else can I try? Thank you!

Welcome to these User Forums.

The ability to open .TIB backup files in Explorer is part of the Windows Shell Integration which is established when ATI is installed.

If you have already tried performing a Repair install, i.e. downloaded the ATI 2015 installer from your Acronis account and run this as Administrator but still have this problem, then the next step would be to try doing a clean install of the program.

To do a clean install, first save a copy of the C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Scripts folder which is where your backup tasks configuration files are stored.  You can copy these back again after doing the clean install.

Next, uninstall ATIH 2015 normally by using the Control Panel option for uninstalling software.

Download the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link in my signature below) and run this as Administrator followed by restarting your computer to complete the cleanup action.

Finally, reinstall ATIH 2015 as Administrator using an Administrator level user account and copy back the Scripts folder contents for your backup tasks.