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Automatic cleanup not working?

Thread needs solution
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I have a backup that is set up for Incremental backups every other day with a full backup every 7 days. That part is working fine. My automatic cleanup however does not appear to be working.

I am using Aconis 2015 build 6055 on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine.

I thought I had set the automatic cleanup to store no more than 3 recent version chains but it did not appear to stick. When I go into the Disk Backup Options Screen the "Turn on Automatic Cleanup" is not expanded and every time I select it it is set to "Delete Version Chains older than 7 days". If I try to change it to the setting I want the Save button does not become enabled so I am never able to change this setting. Am I not allowed to change automatic cleanup rules after the backup has been created?

I am going to have to manually delete one of the previous version chains and I know in the past when I did that I started getting some error messages. It seems like Acronis wants to know where those chains are if it doesn't delete them itself.

Thanks in advance for any help on this one.

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1. If you want to delete ALL the backups created by the single specific task, you can use the delete option found in the

a . If you need to delete an old complete chain, do so from within Windows Explorer using the normal Windows delete files function.
Afterwards, click the Recovery option at bottom of task screen which will update the change. You may have to respond to an ignore message.

Once you have done that, I recommend you start over with a new task. Do not attempt to edit the existing task.

2. To create a new task:
a. click Add backup in lower left and select create new
b. Select your source (Entire PC backup) and destination
c. Click Options.
d. Select a schedule, or select "DO NOT SCHEDULE" if you do not want a scheduled task. Do NOT click OK.
e, Click the header "Backup Scheme" along top row. Continued in item 3 next

3. Creating a Custom backup scheme:
a. Under backup scheme, click down arrow and select Custom.
b. Under backup method, click down arrow and select Incremental
c. Check mark "Create a full version after every 6 incremental versions." This will provide a full every 7 days or beginning on the 1, 8, 15 backup day.
d. Click the "Turn on Automatic cleanup" listing. You may need to scroll the screen up for more viewing.
d. Check mark the "Store no more than 10 recent version chains" but change the 10 to your choice of keeping 3 recent version chains.
e. Now, if you wish future schemes to open with these same settings, then checkmark the "Save as Default option".
f. Now, click the OK button in lower right corner which will save the backup scheme settings (task is still not complete after the OK click)

4. If you have other settings you wish to configure in the notification or advanced settings,
then reclick the "options" setting again along bottom row and complete the settings changes.
If you do click the options settings again, be sure and click the OK button to return to final save screen.

5. Upon return to the final save screen, you should have a green area in lower right corner and very importantly,
you should also have a "down arrow" located to the RIGHT of the "Back up Now" option.
Click the "down arrow" and click the "Later" option which will save the task with whatever name you selected.

Note-1: The task is now saved and if you set a schedule, the first backup will run on the first scheduled time.
Or, if you saved as a " do not schedule" task, you can manually run the backup at a time of your choosing
by clicking the "Back Up Now" option from within that task.

Note-2: if you want to change the name of the task which is also the name assigned to the tib file,
click the Pencil beside the task name and rename the task and file to a name of your choosing.

Note-3: Once one backup has been created manually or via a scheduled time,
you will find a new option titled "destination" within the "operations" folder. This is a quick access to your storage folder.
Based on your chain length of 7 files (full +6 inc); and keeping 3 chains of 7 files each, you can expect your first deletion to occur immediately after the 4th full (daily backup #22) has been completed, at which time the deletion of chain 1 will occur.
The program always creates the next full before deleting the oldest chain. As the backups continue, each chain deletion will occur after each full has been created.

This GH12 below is an example of the above except saving 4 chains.
GH12. Create Custom Incremental Backup Scheme. 6 Inc, Keep 4 chains. The 6-4 is an example only with user choice for whatever number of chains to be retained best fits the individual needs.

You may also find this link of interest.

AGH-1. 64640: Do's & Don'ts--Hints to help prevent issues with your TIB backup files creation. New

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I am having the same problem on two different machines. I use "turn on automatic cleanup" but not only is this setting not saved, it never seems to work in the first place. I have backup chains from early November even though none are supposed to be more than 7 days old.

I was on the phone with Acronis pay per incident, and they finally gave up and escalated it to someone who is supposed to call me back. If I get an answer, I will post it here in the hopes of saving someone the trouble.

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If we are even to attempt to help you, please post a screen capture of
actual backup scheme
storage folder of tib files sorted in date/time order
frequency of schedule

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I'm having the same issue with True Image 2016.

I am trying to delete files older than 14 days.

Please see attachment


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I responded to your other post in the 2016 forum. Please check there.

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I am having the same problem with Trueimage 2017 Next Generation on Win10 64 bit.    The consolidation settings go back to a default every time they are set, and they do not work.   Please fix this bug

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Edward, welcome to these User Forums.

Please note that this forum is for the ATIH 2015 product, there is a separate ATIH 2017 Forum where you should raise any further issues for that product.

To get the Automatic Cleanup settings to 'stick' please change the Backup Scheme to 'Custom' and you should find that this they keeps the changes for you.

Please submit Feedback direct to Acronis on this 'feature' of how this setting works as from other posts it seems as if Acronis has designed it in this way!  

In reply to by Steve Smith

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That does not work in 2017.   I tried it multiple times.

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Edward, it is working for me with 2017.  Have you clicked on Backup now after making the change to the task settings?

If you cannot get it to work for you, then try doing a Repair install.  To do this, download the latest build full installer from your Acronis Account, then run this and you will be offered the Repair option.  Alternatively, you can also open a Support Case direct with Acronis.