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Can't install or restore

Thread needs solution
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My c drive crashed 3 days ago. I did a re-install of Windows and then, not knowing any better, ran a restore from my TI backup. It was a file backup of the c drive. I kept getting access denied messages. I finally called Dell support and they said you couldn't restore from a backup like that. So the plan was to re-install Windows and then just grab some of the files from TI's backup.

After installing Windows, I installed TI. I have my access keys stored on the computer on another drive so I can get to them. But the installer keeps saying the key I enter isn't for the original version. I think one I tried might have worked since it said it wanted the serial number and that was in an email from Acronis. But my emails are stored on the c drive to they are gone for the moment.

I went ahead with the installation choosing the trial option. TI opens but the window is so large I can't see any of the backups. I raised the screen resolution thinking that would help but it just displays part of the normal window. The backup section can't be seen and there's no drag bar in the heading.

I do have an emergency restore disk but it only let's me restore complete backups, not individual files. 

I'm way in over my head here. I use this computer for my work and in a few hours it will have been down for 4 days. Can anyone suggest what to do?

using TI 2015 and Windows 7

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Assuming ATI 2015 works like earlier versions all you need to do is to log into you account in the Acronis GUI. You do this by opening ATI 2015 GUI, and on the left hand side, select Account and you log in at the righthand top.

You may get a message about exceeding the max number of installations - to deal with this consult this knowledge base item. This resource deals with ATI 2019 but hopefully it is equally applicable to ATI 2015. Once you have removed the old activation you will be able to do the new activation.


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Thank you for the suggestion. It loads as you describe but the problem is that my serial number is stored in the emails and I don't have access to them. I'm in the process of reloading everything from scratch. If I can get TI to load properly, I can get to the emails and continue from there. I do appreciate your reply.

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You should be able to sign in to your Acronis Account then look at the Products page where you should be able to find your serial / license number.