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Can't recover backup

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I backed up my computer to an external hard drive and it was labeled "E."

Now for some unknown reason the computer reassigned a new letter to that drive "J".  Consequently I can't recover my backup since Acronis "thinks" the backup is on Drive "E."

Is there any way that I can get Acronis to access that backup?

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Loren, the drive letter assigned to your external HDD drive can be changed in Windows Disk Management if you need to do so, assuming that your original drive letter E: is free/available to be assigned to the HDD drive?

Otherwise, what type of backup is stored on your external drive and what are you trying to recover from that backup?

If this is a backup of your Windows OS that you are trying to recover, then you should not be starting this from within Windows, but should be using the Acronis bootable Rescue Media to start the computer - this does not care what the original backup drive letter was, and will recover the backup from any drive letter that you browse to to select the backup image file to restore.

If you are just wanting to restore some files or folders from the backup stored on the external drive, then you can do so by opening the backup .TIB image file in Windows Explorer by double-clicking on the file, then using normal Copy and Paste commands / clicks to copy those files or folders to a new location on your local disk drive(s).