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In Clone Mode, Acronis hangs when evaluating destination disk

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I've purchased a new hard disk as a duplicate back up drive.  Drive checks out OK per the Western Digital Extended Test.  When I enter Acronis Clone Mode, everything progresses OK until we get to the destignation disk verification step.  Acronis hangs up, little clock goes round and round, but, the program never returns to go to the 'Proceed' step.  Only way to regain control is to go to the Windows Task Manager and kill Acronis.  I've done this process many times before, always worked.  Anybody know what's going on???


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Is the disk being accessed while the clock is spinning?  How long have you waited before going to Task Manager and killing the process?  Is the disk attached by USB2?  Personally, I have had it take over 5 minutes to get to the proceed button.

At this point, your best option may be to boot using rescue media and then perform the clone.


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Thanks for your reply FtrPilot,

No, there is no apparent disk accessing while the little clock is going round.  I've retried following your post and let it continue for 30 minutes, no difference.  I connected a different dirve and obtained the same results.

I also have EaseUS installed and ran it.  It had no problem addressing either dirve and cloning to the drives.  I've been using Acronis for 2 years or more and have never experienced anything such as this.  I prefer Acronis as it is considerably faster than EaseUS.

I haven't tried reloading Acronis as yet, think I'll try that next.



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I have just encountered the same problem, and the disk I want to clone is an internal SSD on a laptop. you have a fix for this? the software is useless without one

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Hello Louis,

I cannot guarantee the issue won't reproduce with Acronis True Image 2019, because the root cause of your particular problem is unknown. If you purchase an upgrade via Acronis website or in-product store, you'll be eligible for the full refund within the next 30 days after the purchase. I'd have suggested installing a trial version, but it doesn't contain the cloning functionality.