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Cloned SSD showing WRONG disc bran name at Win 10 disk management

Thread needs solution
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I used Acronis 2015 to clone an old SanDISK 512 GB SSD to a NEW Samsung 850 Pro over the weekend... when done, swapped SSDs and everything seems working well with no issue with the new Samsung...

However,  when I checked with Disk Management under Win 10 under property... it shows my Samsung is a SanDisk?  checked using Command prompt using check dis and disk details...showing the SAME info as OLD disc name? 

Strange Bios.... showing CORRECT disc name under Samsung? 

Any insights what caused this problem?  I read several posts online saying maybe old and new SSD having same or conflicting device IDs?

Pls comment, Thank you...

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Eric, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please can you post a screen shot showing what you are looking at for the disk name?

Have you completely removed the old Sandisk drive from your computer?

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thank you, Steve,


Let me try to totally, dismount my OLD SSD and seeing if the problem goes away