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Doubt about cloning a RAID 1

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Hello good afternoon. I have an HP ML110 G9 server where I have an Integrated RAID controller b140i, which performs a software RAID. In the photo, what is selected in green are two RAID 1, and currently Toshiba disks are those with the operating system, and wanted to clone them to Samsung disks.

The Acronis 2015 software does not see the logical volumes, and it only lets me select a Toshiba physical disk to be able to perform the cloning, and then only a Samsung disk.

My question is whether cloning can be done by choosing only one disk of each logical volume (I have not tried to start it for security, so I do not know if it's really going to leave me)

Thank you!

(The volume that is seen in red, is a hardware raid controller, it has nothing to do with my doubts)


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Hello Robertomcat,

Welcome to Acronis forums! I'd strongly suggest against using the cloning feature in your scenario and create a  backup of your drive instead. Take a backup of your old drive and then recover this backup onto the new Samsung.