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Force full backup

Thread needs solution
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I have a daily backup that creates five increments before creating another full backup. This morning I upgraded to Windows 10.

I want to force the next backup to be a full backup within that configuration. I see no value in restoring a backup that is partially win7 and win10.

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If I was you, I would disable the backup schedule of the Windows 7 backup job, and create a new backup job starting today. That way you can preserve the Windows 7 backups separately, for as long as required. You may yet want to go back to Windows 7 :)

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If the next backup due is configured to be a full backup, then the program offers no opition to make sure the next is a full backup.

Your choice is to keep creating inc's until the full is due, or to switch to a new task as Mark has suggested.

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Hello all/anyone:

It is roughly 2 years since this was posted and I haven't found other threads/posts that address this issue as succinctly and directly as this one.  Nor have I seen any changes in TI that would address it.  However, it describes exactly the issue I now have, and I have had ever since moving to Acronis from Ghost.  Ghost had a very simple drop down box that would shortcut the creation of x incremental backups, and create a new full backup, (that would act as the base for the next x incremental backups).

It was a Ghost feature that I still miss a lot - because it comes up again and again - any time I have significant changes I don't want to try and follow with more incremental backups.  So now I need to create a new task - and pretty soon I have a mess of backup jobs or tasks that I don't really need.

Does anyone know if Acronis has considered addressing this in future versions?  I would really appreciate it; it is clearly not as important as responding to critical issues such as those now occurring with the Creator's version of Windows 10, but it is a lot more important to me, than many of the new features I have seen with TI 16 and TI 17 and TI next generation.  I expect Acronis has not seen many, (or perhaps any more), comments on it, or it would have been addressed.  However, I suggest that is not because it would not be used and appreciated by many - rather because it is simply not as critical as fixing more severe problems that people must deal with - such as problems that result in total loss of functionality.  Acronis should work this into their process so it gets addressed.

Hope someone reads this,


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BobC, there is no option to force a full backup when an existing backup scheme is in play, i.e. create a new full backup after X incremental or differential backups.

The easiest method of achieving this is to use the option to 'Clone task settings' which will create a duplicate task with the name prefixed by (1) that you can then edit to point to a new folder on the backup drive, but which will start with a Full backup as all new tasks must.

I do not see Acronis introducing an option such as this in all honesty, especially when there are very simple circumventions available to achieve the same end result.  I am just a user like yourself, so please do not take this as an official Acronis statement - I may be a MVP but am not employed or paid by Acronis and my views are all my own.

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Like BobC, I miss this functionality (which I valued on Ghost).

About to restore to a new HDD, I today wanted a Full.  In the backup settings I switched type from Incremental to Full.  (I figure I'll be able to switch back to Full after that.)

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Hi, i think Acronis trueimage is one of the most broken software. Im getting multiple issues constantly and even their support is not able to solve .. replying completely off the track most of the time.


Right now i did inc backup, validation is failing and i cant force Full backup. The question is even it created inc backup successfully why the validation is failing?

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John, welcome to these User Forums.

What actual version/build of ATI are you using and in what environment, i.e. which version of Windows OS, what is being backed up (disks & partitions or files & folders), where are you backing up to (local, internal, external or network drive)?

Beyond the above details, what messages are being shown in the log files for the backup or validation that is failing?

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Hi Steve,

thanks for reply.

I use Acronis True Image 2018 build 9660, its win 7, and i backup files&folders, target is my NAS viac SMB and local network.


please see attached files (logs + screenshots)



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John, please can you take this issue to the Acronis True Image 2018 Forum and open a New Topic there for it.

Another request, there is a bug with the forum software at present which prevents access to any .log files posted here, but if you could repost these in the New Topic after renaming them to be shown as .log.doc but please note in the text what the actual file type is as the forum software also obscures the original file name and any complex extensions used!

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looks like these guys have issue EVERYWHERE ... software full of issues,,, forum has issue .... what a company.

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This option to run full backups at any phase of the backup chain does exist in their Acronis Backup Advanced product, which I have installed on customer servers. You'll find not including it in an end user version is likely a business decision; i.e., they're maintaining value in more expensive versions by denying the features in less costly options.

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In Acronis Backup 12.5 you can click the backup plan and then go to the "Details"  tab. Under the "Details" tab there is a "Run Now" option with a drop down arrow. Under the drop down arrow are the options for "Full", "Incremental", and "Differential".

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I just changed the increment between fulls to the number of differentials already done.

My problem was that the last differential was twice as large as the full it was based on.

All of that being said, I think a checkbox for "New Full" should be included on the backup screen.

On the other-other hand, perhaps a warning that your diffs are bigger than the full and asking if you want a new full.

This is a new shared drive I have hanging off my Raspberry Pi 4 (4Gb). It is a 500 GB drive and rather than having dupes of all my files on my desktop and 3 laptops (All but this one are older, one converted to Debian), my intent is to copy any files that are unique to each computer onto this drive and keep the newest version of any dupes.

That in mind, you can see why the latest diff was bigger than the full. ;)

I had an operations manager convince me that differentials are better. IF you have to restore, you only have to access two files. The full and the LATEST differential. Also, in the days of limited storage. (512MB was huge at the time) If you restored the full and all of the incrementals, you would be restoring a LOT of files that had been deleted on purpose and likely filling up your (smaller then) drive.

The downside of differential backups is that it takes more storage. After each full, I go back and delete the differential files for the next older backup. I have a 32 TB RAID 5 NAS for backup, so it mostly hasn't been a problem. I get 20 to 50 or so MB/s backups this way. (20+ wireless with this laptop. I haven't timed it with my older ones).

I _could_ do some of the backups with the Raspberry pi, but without buying more software, Linux doesn't do differentials. Too lazy (so far) to write a script that could make that happen.