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Get custom rescue media for TI 2015

Thread needs solution
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TI 2015 Help directs me to generate, save and send to Acronis Customer Service a system report on my machine.  Apparently support has expired and I can't find where to send that report.

TI 2015 regularly creates tib files at my direction and stores them on my wireless network hard drive.  Windows Explorer shows them clearly and provides access to them.  But experimenting with my rescue USB flash drive creates a new page for recovery which cannot see my files or allow me to browse to designate their location.  Apparently I need a custom recovery file.

How can I get one?

Ken Hammer


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Wireless support is not built in to any version of the TI recovery media. I suggest trying the MVP Win PE builder There is an option included to add wireless support for Win 10 B1607 and 1703.

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Ken, you should be fine if you connect with an ethernet network cable instead of trying to connect via wireless.

The MVP WinPE Builder tool has only been tested with ATIH 2016 and later as far as I understand, so doubt that this would work for your ATIH 2015 software.

Using a network cable should also perform more reliably for restoring large volumes of data over your network with less chance of a connection drop.