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Is it possible to clone a GPT disk to become a MBR ??

Thank you in advance for your answer ...


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Thierry, welcome to the public User Forums.

It may be possible but it is doubtful that the clone will boot correctly after doing so. 

Doing the opposite, MBR to GPT is a much more common option and does work well.

I would always recommend making a full disk backup of the Source disk drive before attempting any clone operation to protect against mistakes or problems during the process.

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I have not had luck going from GPT back to legacy in any backup products, Acronis or otherwise. They all seem to support going from Legacy to GPT though.

However, I was able to successfully convert a GPT OS to legacy using the paid version of Minitool Partition wizard and it still booted. The free version of that tool let's you go from Legacy to GPT, but only the paid version let's you go backwards. I believe another user said they had success using the paid version of EaseUS partition manager too (to convert and remain bootable as a separate step from cloning or recovery). I did not test with that tool though.

I'd say it's possible, but not full proof in every situation. It's likely going to require the purchase of one of those other Partition tools to make it work though.


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No information has been given for the Windows version here?

It might be possible to do a new clean install of Windows then restore a backup of the original OS C: partition from the GPT system to replace the vanilla one.