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How to make a .TIB folder into a normal folder?

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Dear Friends,

I'm using Acronis True Image 2015 on Windos Vista Ultimate.

I had a big 100GB+ folder on an external disk drive, that contained most of the files that I use throughout the year. (I got in the habit of keeping my main files on an external drive, so that I could carry them with me more easily, whenever needed). I think the folder is currently called "TOURO 2019.02"

However, the drive started showing signs of coming near the end of its life cycle, so I decided to transfer the folder on that disk, to another external disk drive, before the old drive went completely bad, and to continue using the new one as my main folder, and the original, as a spare copy, until I had time to create yet another copy as the true "back-up."

First, I tried to do this transfer of files manually, but I got these error messages claiming that a certain 950 files had "long file names," too long to transfer. Yes, I know that the file name includes the path itself, so I even tried moving those folders to the root level of the old external disk, before transferring them to the new disk, but I got the same "long file name" error messages anyway. I do not have time to check each of the 950 files, to see how important each one is, and yet I do not want to simply "skip" those files, because some may be very important, and I may not find out until a year later, when the disk has finally gone bad.

So, I did a "back-up" to from this old external drive to the new external drive, and Acronis True Image 2015 created a new TIB file there, which I assume is compressed like a ZIP file or something. So, now what I would like to do is to continue using this new TIB file as my main folder, adding documents to it, updating existing documents within it, and so on.

However, I assumed that I must first "decompress" or "expand" the .TIB file, to convert it into a regular Windows folder, as it was before, even if I end up with a new folder in addition to the .TIB file. (Of course, maybe I do not understand the Acronis method, but I am thinking in terms of 7-zip or WinZIP, which requires decompression in order to get a fresh Windows folder like the original, even if it leaves behind a compressed ZIP file of the same.

After searching online for help, I came across the word "restore." However, I see no method on the GUI for "restoring" the .TIB file onto the same disk where it already resides, as an ordinary Windows file.

Please be so kind as to tell me the secret.

For those of you who are using a more recent version, I am attaching two screenshots with menus expanded, so that you can see the only options available to me.

Thanks for your expert help!

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Erik, welcome to these public User Forums.

Acronis .tib files are read-only container files using compression, so cannot be converted into normal folders or have content added to without doing a recovery of the whole content to either the original or a new location.

Please see the ATI 2015 User Guide: Recovering files and folders for details of how to recover your backup to a new location.