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How to restore with no CD drive

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I have used Acronis for years but recently purchased Acronis True Image 2015 for my daughter to use on her Lenovo Yoga which does not have a CD drive. We did the backup but I am wondering if we ever need to, how do you restore the harddrive on this machine. I have restored computers using Acronis in the past but always did so from a bootable CD. How do you restore on a laptop that has no CD drive?

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As long as there is a USB port, you can use a bootable Flash drive. Acronis Bootable Media Builder can create media on Flash devices:

-> later you can boot the laptop from this Flash (change the boot order respectively) and restore it up.

I'd highly recommend to try out proactively that the laptop boots up fine from a Flash you'll create - to ensure in time of trouble you can quicky restore.

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Hi Alexander. Will that work with version 11 too? I too have a Yoga.



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Worse comes to worse... you can purchase a USB CD/DVD drive from Amazon for around $20.  ATI 2015 definitely has the ability to build a USB rescue drive (should be a 32GB or smaller FAT32 formatted USB flash drive - you only need about 1GB though, but since drives are so cheap and getting larger, a 16GB drive should be easy and cheap to find and build with Acronis rescue media builder directly in the application).

Not sure about ATI 11 - too old for my time.  You could check the user guide by Googling it and see what it says.