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Impossible d'activer le Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. (0x7E)

Thread needs solution
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Je veu installer le Acronis Startup Recovery Manager    (Windows 10 v. 1809)

Je reçois l'erreur

Impossible d'activer le Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. (0x7E)

Tag = Ox2DEF7741238DA4EA

File error (Ox5F0014)

Tag = 0x525AOA15B96AF255

Statut inconnu. (0x9)

code = 6),

$module = 0)


Descripteur non valide (0xFFF0)

code = 80070006)

Tag = OxBD28FDBD64EDB8C3

J'ai essayé de déinstaller et reinstaller le program acronis mais toujour problème

Merci pour votre aide

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Danielle, welcome to these public User Forums.

What exact version / build of Acronis True Image do you have here?
This forum deals with ATI 2015 for which the final build is #6613, and this was the earliest version that was supported by Acronis for use with Windows 10 systems.

ASRM is in effect a small Linux based OS kernel system that is used to launch a standalone version of Acronis True Image, so this issue with activation of ASRM may be directly related to having UEFI and Secure Boot enabled in your computer BIOS settings.