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Impossible to select target disk

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Hello, I have been trying to clone a SATA hard disk to a new SSD connected via USB through Acronis.

When I choose my SSD as my destination, it does not allow me to be chosen and I cannot select it.

Turns out it's kind of weird. At first I thought it was because I wasn't initialized and formatted the SSD, but after doing these things everything was the same.

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Welcome to these User Forums.

Please see topic: [IMPORTANT] CLONING - How NOT to do this which is written in response to users using cloning and encountering serious problems!

What are the sizes of the source HDD and the new SSD drives, and the size of used data on the source HDD drive?

How are you attempting to do the cloning - if doing this from within Windows, I strongly recommend creating the Acronis Rescue media and booting from this to do this type of activity, but only after first making a full disk backup of your source HDD drive.