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Installing Acronis True Image on computer with no internet connection.

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Hallo people, hope someone can help.
I bought Acronis True Image 2015 yesterday for my music studio computer (has no internet connction at all!) and downloaded the files on my other computer that has internet.
I transferred the files to an usb stick for installing on my musiccomputer.
The Acronis disk director software (one file) installed fine and works.
Also the universal boot media builder software(one file) is installed and works.
Finaly I wanted to install the main Acronis software (true image 2015).
There are 10 files (1.70 mb) all named Acronis True Image 2015 web en EU (numbered 0-9) .
When I click on these files my computer wants to connect to the internet for downloading the latest version of True Image.
Does this mean I didn't download the whole software via the download link in my e-mail?
What can I do?
Someone?, thanks

My internetcomputer is Linux based and my music computer runs Vista.

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Problem solved! I needed an other installation file.
After some great help from Acronis chat I've got the right file.

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This solved my problem. Thanks a lot!!