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Laptop stuck on Acronis True Image is terminating the current operations

Thread needs solution
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I used my Acronis 2015 disk to restore my computer to a former state from USB drive)and it worked fine. I then  tried something else ( sorry, can’t remember what, but I think it involved trying to boot Acronis from a different bootable USB drive) and have ended up with the termination message, but it never does terminate, even if I turn the computer off and on and I can’t access anything else. Any idea how to stop this?

Edit: Seem to have stopped it by letting the battery run down, but a bit drastic!

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Tom, forcing the power off and removing the battery from a laptop should force any active programs to terminate.  If you had booted from a USB drive, then such actions shouldn't cause any real issues with your installed Windows OS, as that wasn't active.