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this is not last volume of the backup archive

Thread needs solution
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Here's the error code of my backup.
I can't restore 2-3 backup archive I don't know why ?

Event code: 0x01010005+0x01010005+0x01E50015+0x01E5001A+0x000B041D+0x00040011+0x0000FFF0+0x80070002

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Can you provide more detail on the situation?
Where is the backup archive located? Are you trying to restore in Windows or are you using the Bootable Media? What backup scheme was used (Incremental, Differential)?
If backup splitting was used make sure that all volumes of the backup archive are present.

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I've tried from usb flash and from hdd.I've tried both Bootable Media and windows program however from Windows I can't open image it said archive is corrupted.
I've used recommended scheme for backup.
No, I didn't used splitting anymore , backups are single.

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I have a similar problem.  I have a Dell Inspiron PC for which I made a fresh full backup on a removable hard drive using True Image 2015 then erased the prior backups.  A few days later Windows 10 developed a bug & it Windows won't load, so I'm trying to restore the backup.  On another computer, I made a rescue DVD & booted to it.  However, when I browsed for and found the backup on the remote hard drive (which is connected directly to the PC), it said

    Error while opening archive file: This is not the last volume of the backup archive.

However, it IS the last volume.  

I've used Acronis for years, but this is the first time I actually had to restore using a backup.  Please advise.

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Hello all,

There are several possible causes of this issue:

  1. The backup archive is corrupt - please follow the steps in Troubleshooting Issues with Corrupt Backups;
  2. The backup archive is on a network share and the network connection is not available - Try to access the backup destination not from within the product;
  3. The backup archive is on a flash drive/USB hdd and the device is not available;
  4. The backup archive is locked by another process - It is possible that True Image is currently backing up or validating the backup or the virus scanner is currently scanning the backup. You can wait until the file is not longer blocked or restart the machine in unclear conditions;
  5. The backup archive chain is broken (full backup and incremental or differential backups) - When the backup chain is broken, the most common way is to begin a new backup chain with a new name.

Thank you,

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Josh Gotbaum posted his problem on Jan 31st. Your answer is from March 2nd. Does Acronis really believe, that a person with not working recovery can live with this situation for more than ONE MONTH without getting help?


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Hello Berti,

This thread could be helpful for other users experiencing similar issues. Unfortunately it's not possible to cover all threads in a timely manner and our forum memebrs should understand that Acronis only moderates the forum and does not have a commitment for answering all questions posted here.  In this very case it would be better to submit a support ticket directly by going to since we offer free support for all recovery issues in Acronis True Image.

Thank you,

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AND this is why I have STOPPED using Acronis products.  HORRENDOUS customer support and compatibility between versions.  I have several older backups (between 2009 and 2015) that I need to access but get the above message on EVERY SINGLE ONE!  I know they are not corrupt, the drive is available, and the file is not locked, and the back up "chain" is complete as the day it was created.  I have NO other issues with this backup drive and other backup software works just find decompressing their associated files.  You know you are working with subpar software when there is a generic error message that covers multiple potential errors.  The same error that has been generated and stumped users since 2009!

I now have files that I thought were backed up safely for future need, but it turns out that Acronis Software does just the opposite, it create false sense of security while locking away these backups... in a sense destroying the very data I am trying to secure/save... go figure.

It may be time for some more severe measures...

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Not all veresions are supported with upgrades.  You may need to use the original media for the version that the backup was created with.  There are knowledge bases with the supported backup types. Example:

Acronis True Image 2015 Acronis True Image 2015 (except for Acronis True Image 2015 for Mac 
and Acronis True Image for Mac) 
Acronis True Image 2014 
True Image 2013 by Acronis 
Acronis True Image Home 2012* 
Acronis True Image Home 2011*
Acronis True Image Home 2010* 
Acronis True Image Home 2009*
Acronis True Image Home 11* 

Also, have you tried restoring your old backups using the offline bootable recovery media? The ones with the * on them only support restore, so your offline bootable media may be the best option of recovery.

* (!) Backups can only be restored. Other operations can be limited. It might be necessary to create a new backup plan / archive.


Have you run chdsk /f /r on your backup disk (at a minimum).  You could have have bad/corrupted media with bad sectors/blocks.  Third party tools (in addition to chkdsk, such as WD Data Lifeguard and Hard Drive Sentinel may help identify the health of your drive (which could very well be healthy, but perhaps not). The offline recovery media may be your best bet at recovering your backups and or accessing the content on them.  I

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Oh stop.  I am smart enough to know when I have disk problems.  I've put up with this crap for 7+ years including not all is supported by all BS.  EVERY other file works fine, copies, moves unpacks, etc... so it MUST be disk problems on ONLY the True Image archives... give me a break and stop deflecting away from the issues with your software and software development process.

Again, the whole unsupported previous versions in new versions just BLOWS ME AWAY!  WTF do you think I make backups for, so I can put the disks on a shelf and put potted plants on top of them?  NO, they are in case I need them later... but wait... I DO need them later... AND WAIT... the current tools give me NO IDEA what version the back up is I am trying to open... BUT WAIT MORE... I can't easily have multiple version of True Image on the same computer since they interfere with each other.

What a messed up piece of software and software strategy... 


PS: Please don't give the multiple back up, long term vs short term comments.  My other backup did fail so I was counting on the True Image backup to get the data.

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Hello Mikia,

If you have a Recovery issue where you cannot restore from your backup images then Acronis Support will help you.

Please see: and in particular, point 5. reproduced below:

5.    Recovery issue
- Related to recovery issues with the full version of the product
- Free of charge
- 24x7
- Not limited (Assistance with the recovery issue can be requested any time, even if you’re out of 30 days free support and don’t have PPI)
- Provided with e-mail and chat
Response time:
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

 You can find the comparison table here

Notes and tips:

•    Forum is not a primary support channel
It’s designed mainly for sharing experience, collecting feedback and joint Community efforts for addressing technical issues
See Acronis Forum Terms of Use.
We’re still doing our best to address as many problems reported as possible. 
We still recommend contacting support directly in case of emergency.

The majority of the people trying to assist you and other users in this forum are themselves users, including the MVP's like Bobbo and myself.  We are not employed by or paid by Acronis, we offer our time voluntarily and can choose whether or not we offer our time to help you - we have chosen to try to help.

If you have a real concern over the quality, reliability or anything else regarding the Acronis software that you own, then please use the Feedback tool within the product to tell Acronis about your grievances, or contact them directly via their main product web site.

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I appreciate what you do, but this has been an ongoing problem with Acronis.  I have purchase 8 different versions of True Image over the years and these version do not pay well together.  They do not even gaurantee that builds within version are compatible.

That is just plain bizarre to me and makes no logical/buisiness/common sense.  The actual support folks are useless and refuse to escalate to higher tiers of support.  I follow all their steps and they keep telling me my disk is corrupted (again, how is that possible on several different disks when every other file is fine).  How is it possible to sell a product with no guarantee that product will work for its intended purpose?

I am done with this and will turn the whole matter over to folks that are kept on retainer for this purpose.

Thanks again for your help and keep on drinking that Acronis Koolaid... 

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Similar to other help requests I too am getting the less then famous “This is not the latest volume of the backup archive” message. I have backups of several versions of the C-drive with all programs.  They are full versions, not incremental. For reasons of safety, these versions, older and new alike, are on several sata drives. Over the years, using these backup’s, I repeatedly restored versions with different contend.   There has never been a problem restoring a backup, regardless backup version or the sata drives they are located on, - until now.

For example, I am unable to restore the C-drive on my laptop. The actual Acronis backup is located internally on the second drive. Regardless of that, even an external USB-Sata is used, the message remains the same.

I am presently out of state and only have the Acronis 2013 boot-disk with me, with the Acronis backup located on the second internal drive, plus another safety backup located on an external USB Sata-drive.

Any magic keystroke??

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Michael, welcome to these user forums.

If you are attempting to restore a backup from within Windows and are getting this error message, then please see post: for details of how to clear cache data that can cause this error.

If you are attempting the restore by using the Acronis bootable Rescue Media, then the above post is not relevant as the rescue media does not use any of the Acronis Database information held within Windows, and in that case it is more likely that there is an issue with the backup file itself or the drive where the backup is stored, or possibly an incompatibility between the version of Acronis on the rescue media and the version used to create the backup image.

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I have the same problem. 

Cannot trust Acronis to work when I need it.

Two times I needed it to work, both times failed. Only Windows image restore worked!

Previously failed to work since I have a system that uses the Intel RAID controller built into the processor. Acronis does not recognise this!


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Hello D. Symonds,

sorry to know about your experience with our software! 

>Previously failed to work since I have a system that uses the Intel RAID controller built into the processor. Acronis does not recognise this!

The reason is that Linux (and hence the Linux-based bootable media) doesn't provide support for RAID drivers. For example, Dell sometimes set the SATA mode in the bios to RAID-ON by default. If you want to image such drives in the RAID mode, you'll need to use a WinPE-based media and inject the Dell driver pack into the PE for compatibility with all Dell systems.   Acronis provide an alternative Windows PE form of Rescue Media which has greater compatibility with modern devices such as NVMe and RAID, and where this can also be customized to inject additional device drivers if needed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please open a new topic and we'll try to help

Thank you!