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Parallels virtual machine files won't run when restored.

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Acronis does not appear useful for backing up Parallels VMs on a Mac. They won’t run if restored. Acronis admits this:

49198: Acronis True Image on Mac: Parallels Desktop Virtual Machines Do Not Boot if Recovered as Files (

Once you do restore a VM, you’re supposed to run the script above to “fix” it so it will boot. After you do, the VM still won’t boot. You might be tempted to grab an earlier backup of the VM (yet more hours to restore). Maybe there was a problem with a particular version? Forget it. It won't boot either. And if you run the script again on it? Nope. Despite the fact that both VMs were running fine when backed up.

You’ll then be advised to insert the original Windows media (or a repair disc), and rebuild your master boot record (etc.). Great. Unless you do, all your applications, everything on your C: drive? Gone. If you do perform this surgery, will it work? Who knows. I deleted my VM in frustration and started over with a new VM and fresh install of a new OS. Sure glad I had that Acronis backup! ?

I’d been happy with Acronis otherwise. However this is a fatal flaw for Parallels users. The restore is NOT USABLE. Odd, since Parallels and Acronis partner. Yet Acronis doesn’t work to back up Parallels. Which is the whole point. I’m moving to Time Machine for backups. I'm told it actually allows you to restore a working VM.

Parallels 12
Windows 7 64-bit (now trashed and upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit)
Acronis 2015 (same problem with later versions, see link above)
2011 Macbook Pro 17" 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD