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Restoring Outlook PST file from online backup

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I had a PC stolen over a year ago, and am just now attempting to restore some old files.

One of the critical files that I am attempting to restore. is my Outlook PST file.

I am attempting to restore from Online Backup.

I BELIEVE the version is was created with was either TRUE IMAGE HOME 2014 or 2015.

Restore is being down with 2015 version at latest build level.

It successfully restores but OUTLOOK 2016 doesn't think it is an OUTLOOK file.

The size online backup shows is about 2.1G, but the restored size is about 1.6G.

There was NO problems when the backup was don.


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Joe, have you tried downloading the Outlook PST file to a different location on your PC to confirm the size?

If you still have issues then you should contact Acronis Support direct as you are entitled to support for any recovery issues, and we cannot help with Cloud issues as have no access to the systems they use.

See 18623: How to get Technical Support: Tips, Tricks and Useful Information

5.    Recovery issue
- Related to recovery issues with the full version of the product
- Free of charge
- 24x7
- Not limited (Assistance with the recovery issue can be requested any time, even if you’re out of 30 days free support and don’t have PPI)
- Provided with e-mail and chat
Response time:
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

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