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Unable to Create Volume Snapshot

Thread needs solution
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With 2015 no longer supported (even consumer electronics typically have 7 years of support), I'm hoping the forum can help. After numerous attempts of trying to install 2018 ans 2019, and having support mess things up so bad I had to do a full Win10 reinstall, I elected to try 2015 from my old Win7 Pro laptop. Installation and license transfer was successful, but I can't do a backup.

I did the suggested solutions at And then go to support only to find a 3-year old piece of software no longer supported.

I have my attached, if anyone wants to try to help me. 

Thanks in advance, and if not, I guess it's off to iDrive or something else.

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The System Report file shows you have two separate issues involved here:

1.  The shadow copy provider had an error.

Please download & run the Acronis VSS Doctor tool - link below which should help with trying to resolve this issue, or else point you in the direction that needs to be taken.

2.  Your Seagate Expansion Desk 9401 4.5TB drive is giving the error:
Internal error: invalid bitmap index.  This is using drive letters E: and L: where the latter is being used for your backup task throwing the first error.

Please run CHKDSK /F for both E: and L: partitions on this drive.