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Universal Restore

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Trying to use Universal Restore. I boot up the PC with the created bootable media and it displays the Universal Restore screen...good start.

However, the keyboard and mouse connected to enabled USB ports will not function so I'm stuck with looking at the screen unable to select any options or start the recovery.

Motherboard is ASUS X99-A II.

Any ideas please??


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David, welcome to these User Forums.

What actual version of Acronis True Image and Universal Restore are you using here?

What type of keyboard and mouse do you have?

The default Acronis bootable media (Rescue Media and Universal Restore) both use a Linux kernel to provide the boot environment from which to launch the Acronis applications, so it is possible that this doesn't hold the necessary device support for your devices.

If you are using wireless type devices then this could well be the case as wireless support is limited in this media - if you have a spare wired keyboard and mouse, then these should work correctly for you.

Please note that Universal Restore should only be used after first restoring an Acronis disk backup to new hardware which AUR then prepares to work on that new hardware by inserting generic device drivers where available and prompting for any other device drivers that may be needed.