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Acronis 2016 All backup job definitions disappeared

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This is a really big ouch. We have about 20 different and defined Acronis b/u jobs on a particular machine. Most are scheduled, some manually started. There are various combinations of what is backed up, where it is backed up, how often the jobs run and how many copies should be stored and auto cleaned up. Some do not auto clean up.

I added a new manual start job today and then cloned it to run to different destinations.

After I tried to explore one of the backups, File Explorer seemed to hang. I was presented with verbiage that the most recent backup could not be determined. I adjusted the b/u jobs to not auto clean up. Then I used File Explorer to delete the first backup.

And then, poof, all the job definitions just blew away.

This is a huge hit!!! How do I recover the job definitions from one of my C drive backups?

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I made some progress. Recovered the folder Database from a C Drive backup and got my definitions back.

Will the definitions which had been saved about 6 weeks ago talk to the auto cleanup backups and properly handle the number of backup versions that actually exist, or is there something else that has be synchronized?


Also, I note that there are about 1250 files of the form Archives.db000000999h.opt totally 5.7 megs. They go back a long ways. Do I have to keep them?? Can I set up some automatic way to get rid of those that are not needed?



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this is an Acronis issue - see forum topic: True Image 2020 -Backup option settings loss

I can only recommend that you and any other affected users contact Arpita Ghosh who is the new Acronis Product Manager for these home products! (