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Acronis Clone Saved Me From Smashing My SSD With a Hammer...

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I was using a backup/recovery program that cost 3 times what Acronis True Image costs. All I was trying to do was migrate my OS drive to a larger NVME SSD. It took over a week with the previous backup program failing to boot. Constantly getting fake error messages etc. The lack of instructions and documentation from the other backup program would have been laughable if it hadn't been so frustrating. Acronis did in 20 minutes what my other backup program failed to do for over a week. Every time I wiped the drive and started the restore process again it would take hours. Not to mention having to manually create the EFI partition and trying to use the BCD Configuration tool to fix the drive. Anyway, thank you Acronis. Probably the best $49.99 I've spent in a longtime. I just wish I had done it sooner. 

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Benjamin, welcome to these public User Forums.

Thank you for sharing your success story here which is always great to read.  If you have time to add a few more details of the process you followed using Acronis True Image, I am sure that other users would find them very useful, especially as migration to NVMe drives is becoming more common.

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Always nice to hear a success story. Usually all that we hear are the problems.