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acronis cyber protect home office

Thread needs solution
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Hi all. I can not remove from the list of backups that I do not need. Nothing happens when I try to delete, but when I try to change the source, it throws an error 0x01900009+0x00040011.

I used to make these encrypted copies to the cloud. Now they are not in the cloud storage, but they are in the list of backups on the computer and now I cannot remove them from the list.

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Alexander, you will get a faster response for issue with ACPHO if you post directly to the forum for the same.  Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Forum (formerly Acronis True Image 2021)

I would also suggest opening a support ticket with Acronis for this issue of not being able to delete backups from the list of tasks.  I have been able to do this though in some cases tasks have reappeared at times but these have been those created on a different system.

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Hello Aleksander!

Does the agent has the permissions to access those files? Are they open in somehow? Because if they are open by another process you won't be able to delete from the console.

Have you tried deleting the backup files manually from your computer's file system? If the backups are still on your computer, you should be able to delete them directly.

If you are still having trouble deleting the backups through Acronis True Image, you might try repairing the installation of Acronis True Image through the Control Panel.

Thanks in advance!