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Acronis installation problem.

Thread needs solution
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Hi all.
I have an interesting problem that has recently cropped up and was wondering if anyone might have a solution to it.

Background to problem: Recently I had been having numerous problems with W10 pro. I therefore bought an oem disk and reinstalled the system onto my computer, having completely (flushed out ) the old problem system.
Apart from a few niggles, the system is now running fine.

Problem: I have used Acronis True Image 2016 for backing up my system for some time now, with just the occasional problem with it, but generally it has been good.
Therefore, naturally, I tried to put it on to my new system (reinstalled system). When I purchased Acronis True Image, I additionally purchased a backup installation disc aswell.

Inserted disc, got approx 70% installed and came up with an error (fatal error), no further explanation.
Tried same again 4 times in total. Same error.
Then tried to download a copy. Same problem.

Any ideas,guys and gals?
kind regards

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Barry, welcome to these public User Forums.

I would suggest downloading and running the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link below) to ensure that all traces of your failed install attempts have been removed.

Next, download the final, full installer program (not the web installer) from your Acronis Account, and try installing this but ensure that you do this from an Administrator account in order to give all the correct authorities / privileges to the software when installed.

If you still have an install issue, then please see KB 46710: Acronis True Image: Installation Fails in Windows - and follow the suggestions offered there.