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Acronis Survival Kit

Thread needs solution
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Dear reader,


I am facing problems with creating a Survival Kit.

The program is suggesting to update my Survival Kit, but after several steps (locking disk, mounting .wim-file, saving wim.file etc, the following message appears: "an error occured while creating media. Unable to copy the product files". 

I am using an external hard disk (2.7 TB).

Anyone a clue how to fix this?

Thanks! Rob

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Rob, what actual version of ATI are you using here?  This topic is posted in the ATI 2016 forum but that version didn't have any options for the Survival Kit as this wasn't introduced until ATI 2019 and later versions.

See KB 61639: Acronis True Image: how to create Acronis Survival Kit

See forum topic: HOW-TO: Fix Acronis Survival Kit fails to create - which includes reports of the same issue with unable to copy product files!

Posts: 2
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Thanks Steve!

I am using ATI 2020, and the issue has been fixed, although I don't know how.

After trying several times it suddenly worked. Thanks anyway for your clear reply!