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Acronis TI 2016 Scheduler Error 1008

Thread needs solution
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Several times over the last few weeks a scheduled backup fails.

WIndows 10 event log shows this:

Acronis Scheduler
Scheduler failed to run task  with GUID 'DA35945A-BC0F-4BF5-843E-4A5676EC5124' because of error 1008 (Cannot run the task because the task requires a user to be logged on.).

If I run the backup manually it works fine.

This schedulaed backup has been running without issue for YEARS.

So why does it say a user has to be logged on????? Never had to be "logged on" before. Thats the whole point of unattended scheduled backup.!

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Les, at this time with the limited information provided, I would suggest doing a Repair Install of your ATI 2016 to see if this will resolve this new issue that has arisen?

See KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - for details.