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Acronis True Image not bootabel over USB Stick. OS WIndows 10 pro x64

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Ive got a problem with my Acronis True Image 2016 v19.0

I try to clone my HD from a older Computer (Screen)

I installed Windows 10 pro x64 over bootabel USB Stick.

Now the problem is . The computer cant boot from the USB with Acronis on it. (Screen 2) on my newer Computer is that possible.

Bios with newest update.

Someone know why?




Ty in forward.



Guten Tage miteinander.

Ich habe einen älteren PC welcher partou nicht vom bootbaren USB booten will.

Konnte das Windows 10 ohne Probleme per bootabel USB installieren. Stick geht an anderen Computern, jedoch nicht an dem HP Compaq 8000 Elite.

An was kann das liegen?

Acronis True Image 2016 v19.0

OS: Windows 10 Professional x64 (noch nicht aktiviert)

BIOS (neuste vers.)


Fehlermeldung beim booten von USB:


Danke für eure Hilfe.

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Welcome to these User Forums.

From what I understand from your update above, you can boot your HP Compaq 8000 Elite from a Windows 10 Install USB stick, and can boot other computers using your ATI 2016 bootable Acronis Rescue USB stick, but cannot boot the HP with this ATI USB stick?

I assume that you have either changed the HP BIOS boot device order (via F10 key) to put your USB stick ahead of your internal HDD drive, or that you are using the F9 key to select the USB stick as a boot device during startup.

One factor that may be in play here is your BIOS type - whether this is Legacy or is UEFI BIOS, and if it is the latter, do you have Secure Boot enabled in the BIOS settings.

The default ATI 2016 Rescue Media / USB stick uses a Linux Kernel OS to boot which can require that UEFI / Secure Boot is set to disabled.

You can install the Windows 10 ADK and create the alternative ATI Windows PE version of the Rescue Media which works fine with UEFI Secure Boot.  This is an option found in the Acronis Bootable Media Builder tool where it will prompt you to download / install the ADK when you select to create WinPE rescue media.

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Ty for answer.

I created my own bootabel USB Stick and copyed a bootabel ati2016 version on it.

The computer is running with a bios and not uefi.

Every other computer accept the same stick with ati2016 .

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I can only recommend creating the alternative WinPE version of the ATI 2016 Rescue media USB stick - this based on the ability for your HP computer to boot from similar media to allow the install of Windows 10, which is also WinPE media.

See the attached PDF document which shows the steps needed for the ATI 2016 WinPE media creation.

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