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Acronis true image is terminating the current operations, please wait.

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"Acronis true image is terminating the current operations, please wait." Das lief vor einer Woche schon die ganze Nacht durch und heute lief es wieder ewig. Ich habe zum 2. mal den Stecker gezogen. Wer hat eine Lösung? Grüße Einstellungen: Planung: Wöchentlich, MO - Den Computer daran hindern, in den Energiesparmodus zu wechseln - Bei Systemstart mit Verzögerung ausführen 5 Minuten. Ausführen, wenn aktuelles Gerät angeschlossen ist. - Backup-Schema: Versionskette

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This sounds like what is happening with my new TI2016 installation.

I don't use the scheduler - a manual full backup of particular drives on a specific date is what I do. However, when I close windows for computer shutdown, I get this message "True Image is terminating current operations, the computer will be closed in about 2 minutes".

I've verified that the backups in the history list were all "unscheduled". And in fact, have deleted all the history list information. So, what is going on? The prior versions of TI (2012, and lately 2015) that I used never did this.


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Seit dem update auf die Version TI 2016 #6027 erhalte ich diese Meldung. Ausserdem kann ich die bisher durchgeführten Laufwerkssicherungen nicht mehr restoren. Der Rechner hängt sich bei einem Recoveryversuch auf und löscht meine Betriebssystempartition. Ein Recovery ist nur mit der DVD möglich.

Hat jemand eine Idee, was da falsch läuft?



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Hello all, 

Normally the message Acronis True Image is terminating the current operations, please wait only appears if there are still some running main tasks (scheduled backup or validation). Under the normal circumstances, Acronis prevents the system from the shutdown to complete these operations and avoid data corruption. Please first of all check if the following tasks are configured:

If you are sure that there are no scheduled tasks, which could be executed at the system shutdown, could you please provide us with the following information:

If possible, please open a support ticket.

Thank you!


Normalerweise wird die Meldung Acronis True Image is terminating the current operations, please wait nur dann angezeigt, wenn es noch die Kernoperationen (geplanntes Backup oder Validierung) ausgeführt werden. Unter den normalen Umständen verhindert Acronis das System vom Herunterfahren, um diese Operationen sauber abzuschließen. Deswegen prüfen Sie bitte vor allem, ob es die folgenden Tasks konfiguriert sind:

Falls Sie sicher sind, dass keine Tasks zu diesem Zeitpunkt ausgeführt werden sollen, würden Sie uns bitte die folgende Information zur Untersuchung zukommen lassen:

  • ein Screenshot von den Backup-Tasks aus der Produktoberfläche
  • ein Screenshot von der Liste der Tasks, die im Scheduler Manager angezeigt werden. Verwenden Sie bitte den Befehl get list.
  • Acronis System Bericht als Feedback. Geben Sie bitte Bescheid, sobald die Logs versendet sind.

Falls möglich, eröffnen Sie bitte einen Support Ticket.

Vielen Dank!

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There are some issues to doing this.  But first, responding to the 2nd para above: I posted my remarks on this only after checking that for each backup profile (checked each of the profiles for the recent backups) to ensure that 1) they were 'do not schedule'.  and 2) validation was not enabled.

And they all were that way.  However (see next point) that was the next boot after the fact.

The message is only displayed during the mid-point of shutdown, when the normal desktop display with user controls has gone and all that's being shown is the windows screen with that Acronis message on it.  There's no ability to trap any data or condition you want at this stage.  Getting the data you ask for isn't going to be under the conditions when the message is active.  So how does the information requested then apply?

I have attached 3 screenshots of the current desktop config which cover some of your request, and may shed some light on this - backup history (several profiles), backup options for the selected profile (one at the top) showing 'do not schedule' and some advanced settings - more on those below), and the advanced options for the selected profile showing the validation item not selected.

The advanced options for a profile is a part of the screen I have not opened before - this is the default installed setting for all profiles - and it shows an option to 'prevent computer from going to sleep/hibernate' as selected.  Which is pretty much what that shut down message we have complained about is saying is happening.


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Hi David,

Just my 2 cents worth here, as to your comment about when the message shows on the screen, a system would still show what if any processes are running on your machine on a continual basis if any and any tasks that failed to complete would also be revealed so Support can gain information from that.

As for the Prevent computer from sleep/hibernate being checked by default, you might be on to something there especially with Windows 10 having fast startup active by default.  


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Hi Ent,

I'm back to bother you again, and this is re your last post on this thread.

First, I am not and never have installed or run Windows 10 on any of my machines that exhibit this problem.  My current OS on all of them is windows 7 sp1:  2 are 64bit, one is 32bit.

And then, what I hear you saying is that the system info when the message shows up would help.  I agree.  The issue I am highlighting is that seems no way to for a user to initiate any sequences that would work and get that data, at that time, so far into the shutdown process.  The message doesn't happen all the time, so runing those tools always is just a waste.   At the point it does occur, a user has no apparent control to start anything that would collect data.  So, to even get a listing of any data or image, things like cntrl-alt-del and task manager would still have to be working, and from there the sys-manager program mentioned would have to be able to be located, started and run.  Any output would have to be stored somewhere to survive the close and be usable later.  So, exactly, how would you do this??


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I am having the same problem on one of my windows 7 sp 1 (64 bit) machines. And after 30 minutes or so I have to shut it down manually. No scheduled operations and no verification.

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It's happened again, this on the 64bit laptop.  Seems to happen wednesdays, altho that may be a guess:  hypothesis is that was the day the software was installed, before the profile was changed from the default (weekly) to unscheduled.

And whilst the message was displayed, I tried the only thing available (that I know of) that might get control to run diagnostics in that condition:  cntrl-alt-del.  System in the shutting-down state simply did not respond (as expected and previously discussed).  A trial of that key sequence when that Acronis message was not displayed also had no response.

I have usually found that the 2minute estimate is reasonably accurate, but as others here testify that isn't guaranteed.



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Sorry for the translation, download and throw "schedmgr.exe" (Acronis Scheduler Manager), then mark "task zap" and rest on the sideline entered.

Restart your computer to see if the message disappeared.

It worked for me on my two PC with no problem at all.


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To fix this problem. After Acronis powers off. Boot the computer and go to the BIOS. Change the boot device to CD-ROM. Reboot the computer, while booting insert the Acronis 2015 Universal Boot CD. On the menu select Continue OS booting. Login to Windows 7. Go to Control Panel and uninstall Acronis software and then reboot.

You can re-install Actonis 2015 again.


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gpedit.msc, Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Command Files, Shutdown, Add, File: net, Parameters: stop acrsch2svc