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Acronis true image is terminating the current operations, please wait approx 2 mins

Thread needs solution
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I have started to get this message preventing my PC from shutting down quickly. It has only started happening since the last upgrade. I have no options ticked that would cause processes to have to close down before shutting down the PC. I can only assume its a bug which Acronis need to fix.

I am running Windows 10.

Very frustrating as you cant talk to them directly. How do we make them aware, as i see other people are having this issue.



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John, welcome to the forum, this is indeed a known issue with ATIH 2016 and the developers have been working on fixing this in the next update build which is due to be released very soon.

The only option that can be recommended if this is causing you significant problems is to perform a clean install of ATIH 2016 by first uninstalling the current software, running the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link in my signature below), then installing the software again.  The caveat with doing this is that you will also lose all your backup tasks and task history, so will need to recreate / reconfigure your tasks after completing the reinstall.

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For what it's worth, this is supposed to be fixed in the next update, which will hopefully be out this month - guess we'll have to wait and see though.  

Regardless, I always recommend a clean install with upgrading from major versions of Acronis, or when upgrading the OS (as appears to the case since you've upgraded to Windows 10 with Acronis previously installed already).  There are too many system variables from user to user and hardware to hardware and sometimes the upgrades work fine, but other times you get issues like this. 

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Do they have an article about the upcoming fixes?

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John, the answer is yes, but it is in a restricted access forum where the folks with access have had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, thus we can only offer hints rather than pointing to a definitive statement by Acronis.

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gpedit.msc, Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Command Files, Shutdown, Add, File: net, Parameters: stop acrsch2svc